Cashel Fly Mask Standard With Ears

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The Crusader • Fly Mask, with its patented three-hole cap eliminates forelock damage and ensures comfort with its unique design that stays put while your horse is stabled or turned out.
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Fly masks discourage flies from landing on the nose and irritating your horse. Each fly mask is hand-made in the USA by Cashel. All have the unique three-hole cap for ears and forelock that provides stability and a great fit. Standard and long nose versions ' with or without ears. The unique design of the eye darts keeps the mesh well away from the eyes, making this mask safer and more comfortable. The plastic coated mesh is durable and blocks 70% of damaging UV rays. Also provides shade with UV protective mesh for light-colored horses that sunburn easily ' Grey mesh with black trim They are a stiff but flexible material that protrudes clear of the eyes. The edge of the fly mask is lined with a soft material. The long nose model is particularly useful for horses with pink noses. Sun block needs to be applied every few hours; many horses end up with sore and scabby noses. The long nose version of the Cashel Crusader fly mask assists in this problem.

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