VetSpec Coat and Skin Supplement 500g
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VetSpec Coat and Skin Supplement 500g

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VetSpec Coat & Skin’s unique formula promotes fabulous coats, wonderful skin condition and aids the natural pigmentation process. It is ideal for show dogs, dogs with scurfy coats and itchy skin, and dogs recovering from a variety of skin conditions. It includes Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidants, and MSM.


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Biotin is a vitamin and a coenzyme required for many biochemical reactions in the dogs body including the production of amino acids, the essential building blocks of proteins. 'Good' intestinal bacteria can produce some biotin but if the gut is destabilised e.g. by antibiotic treatment or stress this production can be compromised. Biotin is important in the dogs diet for the production of healthy skin and good coat condition. (Biotin is also found in VetSpec Healthy Dog supplement, and the whole VetSpec Complete Dog Food range)


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Body WeightExample BreedDaily Quantity (Gms)Level 5ml MeasuresA 500g tub will last (days) Up to 10kgCorgi Jack Russell 3 1 167 15kgBorder Collie/Cocker Spaniel 4.5 1.5 111 20kgSpringer Spaniel/ Dalmation 6 2 83 30kgRetriever/ Greyhound 7.5 2.5 66 40kgRottweiler/ German Shepherd 9 3 55 50+kgBull Mastif/Great Dane 10.5 3.5 47 A complementary feeding stuff for dogs to be fed as shown in the table. *Dry dog food should be moistened with a suitable liquid e.g. water, milk, gravy, in order to mix in the VetSpec powder.
Yeasts, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (10%), Minerals, Various sugars, Cereals, Vegetables ADDITIVES & VITAMINS Vitamins: Vitamin A 150,000IU; Biotin 170mg. Trace Elements: Copper (from copper chelate of amino acids hydrate) 1,000mg; Zinc (from zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate) 5,000mg
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