Oat Readigrass 1kg Blue Bag

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Friendly Green Oat ReadiGrass - Friendly Green Oat ReadiGrass is a delicious alternative to dried grass or hay. It is packed with all the essential nutrients that keep your furry friend in tip top condition.
Weight: 1KG
Green Oat ReadiGrass is made exclusively from their own fields in the heart of Yorkshire and harvested at an early stage whilst still fresh and green before the grain develops. Its crunchy stalks, yummy leaves and fibrous husks provide tasty variety in your pet's diet. Beneficial Fibre - A great source of nutrients and keeps digestive system moving effectively. Protein - Balanced protein delivers energy and supports healthy growth. Vitamins & Minerals - Required to maintain health and keep coat shiny. Dental Health - Encourages natural chewing instinct and keeps your pets teeth worn and healthy. Friendly Green Oat ReadiGrass is available in convenient 1kg carry bags.

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Green Oat ReadiGrass can be fed ad lib
Green Oat ReadiGrass can be fed on its own or mixed with a good quality hay.
Ensure access to fresh water at all times
100% Dried Oat Forage Typical Analysis Crude Protein 11% Total Oils 2% Crude Fibre 28% Calcium 0.41% Phosphorus 0.26% Starch nil
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