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A high specification complementary feed supplement for alpacas, llamas and camels.

Weight: 20KG

Camelibra NG-2 is a high specification complementary feed supplement for all camelids; providing the correct nutritional balance to maintain healthy digestion and productivity from natural, forage/fibre based diets. Maintains normal gut health, feed motility, gas eructation and natural fibre digesting activity. Provides beneficial Omega 3 fats, essential for skin health, fertility and normal anti-inflammatory processes. Provides natural buffering and seaweed meal for foregut functioning and organic trace elements. Contains prebiotics to sustain beneficial fibre digesting bacteria.

Contains high levels of essential vitamins and bio-available trace elements including vitamins A, D3 & E, selenium, copper, manganese, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Provides 2400mg/kg of bio-available zinc, essential for high quality fibre and a healthy skin. Provides 'nanotechnology' products to maintain the natural defences against antagonists found in foodstuffs and the environment. Contains 10 active nutraceuticals, including: bio available trace minerals, nanotechnology components and simple sugars 'oligosaccharides', natural buffering and yeast culture, omega 3 fatty acids, prebiotics, vitamin D3, phosphorus, calcium, yeast cultures and a blend of galactolipid emulsifiers, tocotrienol antioxidants, beta glucans and phospholipids.

Contains the Oatinol Delivery System to maintain a healthy digestive tract and a high rate of absorption of essential active ingredients, vitamins and trace elements. Is wheat gluten free. Is a 100% Non GM, soya free formulation. Is manufactured as very palatable and easily digested 2mm pellets; perfect for mixing with camelids' normal feed. Is very economical, quick and easy to feed.

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1 - Bio-Available Trace Minerals Bio-available trace minerals are essential minerals, provided in a digestible form to supply the needs of productive animals. Trials with high levels of available zinc have shown very positive results with fibre quality. Selenium yeast has also been proven to be more available and twenty times less toxic than inorganic selenium, which is very beneficial to health. 2 - Nanotechnology Components and Simple Sugars 'Oligosaccharides' Oligosaccharides are used to support the immune system by maintaining naturally high levels of macrophage activity to block harmful organisms being absorbed into the bloodstream. In conjunction with a natural, high quality forage diet the exposure to unnatural moulds and fungi will be reduced and if a problem, the active self-defence mechanism will deal with them. 3 - Natural Buffering and Yeast Cultures Natural buffering material and yeast cultures help to stabilise the pH in the foregut and encourage the development of beneficial fibre digesting bacteria. This is important when feeding cereal based feeds as starch is converted into lactic acid, which can increase acidity and create an unfavourable environment for the fibre digesting bacteria. 4 - Omega 3 Fatty Acids Omega 3 fatty acids provide a daily source of essential fat components. Omega 3 is widely recognised to be an anti-inflammatory and balances the pro-inflammatory Omega 6 in the correct ratio. Omega 3's are also found in large concentrations in spermatozoa and are essential for maintaining cell wall integrity and preventing moisture/oil loss from the skin. Healthy skin means high quality fibre production. 5 - Prebiotics Prebiotics provide specific nourishment for friendly, fibre digesting bacteria to maintain good digestion and release of nutrients for growth, breeding and performance. 6 - Vit. D3, Phosphorus, Calcium & Yeast Cultures Contains high levels of vitamin D3, available phosphorus and calcium in a very palatable form. All three are crucial for healthy skeletal development and additional yeast cultures are added to significantly
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