Barrier Red Mite Powder 500gm

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Red Mite Powder is an effective repellent to be applied to poultry as a proactive '0n bird' deterrent to infestation or to rectify an existing problem. A powder - to dust on for a long lasting effect.
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This formulation uses 100% natural ingredients known for their excellent properties to thoroughly rid poultry and other birds of all types of mite and lice. Its active ingredient is a synergised tropical plant extract mixed with a blend of herbal and essential oils, all of which are proven very effective for this purpose. Developed for use in intensive farming systems, but also suitable for use in organic farming systems, as it falls into the exempt category of products which use only plant oils as active ingredients, as listed in Annexe IIB (Pesticides) of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (as amended). An increase in feed consumption accompanied by a decrease in production/growth is signs that a poultry house should be examined for mites. They are often found by looking under loose clods of litter, under slats, in nests or in any cracks and crevices in the house structure. They are evident as tiny red to blackish dots often in clusters. Birds will suffer severe irritation resulting in depressed production. There is usually an increase in vent pecking, cannibalism and general distress to the birds. In warmer conditions, Red Mite can survive outdoors - even in grass and will wait until treated areas are no longer a danger. Entrances must be regularly treated. These tiny free-living bloodsuckers are a common problem for the poultry industry with many producers seeing their effect on the health and productivity of their stock. Chickens are the main hosts, with mite troubling flocks of broiler breeders, free range and barn egg layers. They may also occur in ducks, geese, turkeys, pigeons and other avian species. Red Mite can survive away from birds for up to 36 weeks. It is important to continue application after they appear to have gone. It is also advisable to treat housing - entrances, slats, roof structures, cracks and crevices with an effective AND suitable pesticide. Red Mite are able to live away from birds for up to 36 weeks and so it is essential that application continues to prevent re-infestation. A red mite infestation can mean one or more of the following problems: Mild to severe irritation of the birds resulting in depressed production. An increase in floor eggs - since birds will avoid heavily infested nest boxes. An increase in vent pecking, cannibalism and general distress to the birds. Clinical anaemia, leading to dull, pale combined birds and possibly death. Pale yolk colour. Eggs stained red with crushed mites or mite faeces resulting in downgrading of eggs. Dermatitis or skin irritation of farm staff collecting eggs and caring for birds. The best time to treat the birds is in the evening, because Red Mite are nocturnal and so feed on the birds as they roost at night. Apply in accordance with the directions for use, directly onto the birds.

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