Badminton Country Sheep Nuts

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Badminton Country Sheep Nuts - A fully balanced, easy-to-feed ration for sheep of all ages.
Weight: 20KG
Highly digestible micronised wheat and fibre sources provide energy to meet the increased requirements of pregnant and lactating ewes and to promote condition. The vitamin and mineral profile includes bioavailable Bioplex® zinc and Sel-Plex® selenium. Can easily be softened in water to tempt lambs, sick animals or older sheep with poor dentition. Lambs Introduce Country Sheep Nuts carefully, as soon as they show an interest, and increase to a maximum of 0.5kg per head per day. Adults Ewes and rams may be fed from 0.5 ' 0.75kg of cubes or mix per day. Working rams are best fed up to 1.5kg of Pedigree Sheep Mix per day. In-lamb and lactating ewes should be fed 0.5 ' 1.25kg per day.

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Wheatfeed, Wheat, Grass Meal, Soya Bean Meal Extract, Molasses, Sunflower Meal Extract, Nutritionally Improved Straw, Vitamins and Minerals, Soya Oil. Analytical Constituents Protein 18% Oil 4% Fibre 9.5% Ash 7%
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