Aquamax Premium Animal Bedding

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Aquamax Bedding - Aquamax Premium Horse Bedding is a highly absorbent equine wood pellet bedding manufactured solely from pine white wood fibre sourced from sustainable sources. Unlike other woods, pine contains natural agents which remove the smell of ammonia from urine; works as a natural antiseptic; and produces a light, fluffy bed.
Weight: 15.5KG
During the manufacturing process, the Pine fibre is heated to an extremely high temperature, removing 96% of the moisture in the product; as well as any impurities. The fibre then goes through a very fine filter to remove virtually all of the dust, and is then pelletised. Before being bagged, the pellets are crumbled and cracked in order to increase their surface area - therefore multiplying the rate at which urine will be absorbed. Aquamax Premium Horse Bedding absorbs urine and expands to form a fluffy wood fibre some 4 x its own volume. It is worth noting that a 35lbs {15.91kgs} bag of Aquamax will absorb appoximately 120lbs {54kgs} of urine. In the process, Aquamax bedding assists in eliminating ammonia fumes and dust from your stables, thus reducing the risk of respiritory problems, including COPD. Aquamax is extremely beneficial in permanent stables and boxes, and can be equally effective in travelling horse boxes and trailers to absorb moisture during transit. Aquamax bedding can also be used to great advantage in conjunction with rubber stable mats. Highly Absorbent 9 x more absorbent than shavings. Low Moisture Content less than 4% moisture. Sourced from Sustainable Sources Managed forests, waste product. No Additives Natural lignin in the wood acts as a binding agent. Totally Biodegradable The soiled bedding can be spread on land, or mulched. Minimal Storage Space Required Reduced by 75% compared to shavings. Cost Saving A little goes a long way. Total Odour Control Pine removes the smell of ammonia. Crumble Increased surface area over pellets. Virtually Dust Free Product screened during the manufacturing process. No Damage to the Environment The product is carbon neutral. Easy to Handle 15.91kg bags. Time Saving Less bulk to muck out.

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100% Pine.
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