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Bizzy Bites Aqua - The New Generation Stable Toy. Multi-Functional equine teether and 3 in 1 stable toy that you can hang from the wall, leave on the floor or attach to the stable door. Shown to be highly effective in reducing stable vices and boredom, or can simply be used for fun!

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Bizzy Bites can be used as a ground toy in the stable or in the field. Watch as your horse throws, kicks and plays with his new favourite toy. Attach Bizzy Bites to the wall with a lead rope or string for a fun and challenging toy. Your horse will enjoy the game of trying to reach the tasty edible refill. When attached to the wall or stable door, Bizzy Bites is shown to alleviate symptoms of boredom and stress such as crib biting, wind sucking and weaving. *Brackets sold separately* Contains mint sponges made from biodegradable fibres the sponges are soaked in mint essential oil and inserted inside the toy to give off a lasting mint scent. Developed to extend the horses interest long after the edible refill has finished, Bizzy Bites is an innovative interactive toy that your horse will love. Also contains a unique recipe original refill. The refil is made using extremely high temperatures during the production process to create a solid centre that the horse can only lick or scrape. When used in conjunction with the bizzy bites toy, it also spins making it even more challenging and entertaining. Very tasty to horses and loved by 100 per cent of equine testers

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